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AGS Welcomes to the Team Mr. Robert F. Lasky as Executive Vice President

We are excited to introduce long-time security veteran, Mr. Robert F. Lasky, who will be serving as the new Executive Vice President of AGS.

He is a native of Miami, Florida, where he most recently served as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Miami Division, the fifth largest in the nation. With over twenty distinguished years in the FBI, Mr. Lasky has also served as the SAC of the FBI’s Mobile Division, Chief of Staff to the FBI’s Associate Deputy Director, Assistant Special Agent of the Helena, Montana Resident Agency, and Assistant Section Chief of the Violent Crime Program at FBI Headquarters. His years of service bolsters the cumulative experience of our management team, which now exceeds two century’s worth of security and law enforcement expertise.

With Mr. Lasky now on board at AGS, both the federal and state levels of law enforcement are represented within our C-level executive cadre–unique in our industry.

Without missing a step he has already become heavily involved in top-level AGS operations to enhance our service across key business sectors. Mr. Lasky fits perfectly within our vision of trendsetting, future-oriented security.

For our maritime security clients, Mr. Lasky will elevate access control and anti-terrorism capabilities; his heavy involvement in a yacht-retrieval operation from Somali pirates while serving in the FBI is a testament to his vigilance and capability in this particular sphere. For our clients in the educational sector, his deployment of a compassionate federal response to the Parkland tragedy mirrors our donation of metal detectors and guard services to Santa Fe High School, reinforcing our unified front against similar school incidents. And as a former civil litigation attorney, he will deepen our ability to comply with contractual agreements for all clients.

Above all, Mr. Lasky is passionate about security. After spending five years as an attorney, he gave up his lucrative law career to work for the FBI, with the dream of making the world a safer place. His passion reflects the very best in our industry: the belief that security is more than just a business model, that it is a way of life, and that each client is not just a profit line to us, but rather an opportunity to safeguard the nation we love.

You can find more on his LinkedIn page: https://bit.ly/2CdFvdv
He can be contacted via email at: rlasky@wwsginc.com.

This week saw me take on a new and exciting venture in the security industry. I’m pleased to be joining the AGS team as Executive Vice President. After serving in the FBI, I’ll be taking my skills and experience to the private sector to manage security operations nationwide. Over twenty years ago, I left a lucrative career in law to work for the FBI because I dreamed of making the world safer. For me, this new job is just the next chapter in that dream. I look forward to working alongside the AGS team and championing their vision of security not just as a business model, but as a way of life.

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