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Our People

People are the most important part of a successful security program. Hiring and screening is a highly structured program capable of achieving your goals. Our competitive wage rates help us attract and retain highly motivated and dedicated personnel.

A Well-Trained Employee is A Credit to our Company and our Clients

Some of our recruiting methods are quite innovative and work very well. We have access to the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Licensing and can view the listing of all licensed officers. We can check the status of an individual’s standing with the state. In addition to this method, we contact qualified security training schools for candidates and possible placement of their graduates.

The individuals from these sources are well trained and have made a personal commitment to the private security field. Additionally, we maintain a relationship with law enforcement administrators at local colleges with police science curriculum. Guards pulled from these pools have proven to be exemplary employees.

AGS, Inc. Places Great Emphasis on Hiring Good People and Providing Them with the Very Best Training Available

Our turnover ratio is one of the lowest in the security industry. We pay our personnel more than most security companies and provide paid, professional training. We demand more from our officers, and we provide a stable work environment with the potential for additional training and advancement within our company.

We provide professional looking Uniforms and top quality, state-of-the-art equipment to our personnel. AGS provides a full range of Performance Specific Training as a requirement for employment along with periodic refresher training for the most up-to-date security recommendations.

AGS, Inc. Employment Screening Process
In the AGS, Inc. screening process, Guards are assessed on their motivation and ability to perform the mental and physical tasks required at any location.
All Guards Will Meet the Basic Mandatory Qualifications:
  • Able to read, write, speak & understand English language proficiently
  • Have no records of felony convictions
  • Have no known history of alcohol or narcotics dependence or addiction
  • Have no physical or mental defects which prohibit performing their duties
  • Hold U.S. citizenship, or legally admitted foreign national status
  • Past behavior shows their fitness for service work
  • Have a verifiable work record
  • Character of honesty, truthfulness & personal integrity
  • At least 18 years of age
All Applicants are Screened Using the Following Criteria:
Employment History Former employers are contacted to verify employment dates & rehire status
Periods of unemployment, if any, must be accounted for
Military History Copies are required of the applicant’s past or current military service Form DD-214
Criminal Information All applicants are fingerprinted with the FBI, where permitted, & State Police to discover any past felony conviction
Education All applicants must possess skills equivalent to high school level education
Drug Screen Applicants are required to submit a pre-employment drug screen
Personal References The candidate will supply references, which will be contacted by letter or telephone
If a supplied references cannot be contacted, the individual will supply additional data or other references
Driving License & Record Guards that operate vehicles for AGS, Inc. will have a current driver’s license with a verification of their driving record
Character & Mental Stability Must be a good moral character
Have no record judgment of incompetency & be free of mental disease or defect
Federal Immigration Status Each applicant provides documentation showing citizenship, or legal alien status, & a completed I-9 form