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Facial Recognition Integration

At the core of LivePT is Network Harbor’s Lighthouse Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software. Built on truly open standards, the Lighthouse™ PSIM is unique because of its extreme power and configurability. With minimal training, Security monitoring personnel now have total control over all security system functions such as card access control, video surveillance, alarms, perimeter detection and all resources/personnel on duty.

Our System Provides a Seamless, Integrated Software Platform for Automated Law Enforcement

Currently used by the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard, Lighthouse is the only master security control system that uses strong authentication of the user, and 1,024-bit encryption (military-grade) of all security traffic across your network.

Virtual Probation

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) and Blood Alcohol Interlocking Ignition Devices (BAIID) have been around for over 2 decades as standalone systems. AGS, Inc. has now launched the first cloud based Virtual Probation Total Solution which incorporates EHM, BAIIDs, Behavioral Health as well as automated paperless reporting to improve the efficiency of our clients management of offenders placed on Virtual Probation. Currently municipalities are spending roughly $100 per day for Jail Stays. With VP housing charges can be reduced greatly and with automation Probation Department can improve their efficiency and spend more time on rehabilitating offenders.

Voice, Video, Data and 2-Way Radio Interoperability

Allows Local, State, Federal agencies plus Fire, EMS to inter-communicate on the same IP-based backbone.

Criminal Alerts

Sends intra-jurisdictional criminal incident alerts to criminal incident partners by roles and geographic location. Sends intra-jurisdictional cascade criminal incident alerts to local public safety agencies (Fire, Public Health, EMS, Security, Airports and Seaports) and other agencies (State, County and Federal).

Security Resource Management

With Electronic Reporting, using a Web-based integrated database reporting tool. Maintain and manage criminal incident partners and jail resources. Register and manage all criminal records remotely and allows the ability to create ad hoc and custom reports.

Wireless Camera Surveillance

LivePT-Cam is a Portable Wireless Video Security System which is s self-contained, portable unit that can be placed in different areas and moved from place to place.

The LivePT-Cam will be capable of connecting via wireless to the cellular, satellite or private wireless broadband network of the chosen Carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) The video will travel over the wireless network, to be viewed LIVE and archived in storage. The LivePT-Cam can be moved from place to place easily and quickly.

The only requirement to the system is the availability of 120VAC power. In remote areas where power is not available, AGS, Inc. is able to provide remote wind-generator power stations to provide power to the LivePT-Cam.

Each Unit Contains

High-definition IP camera system. The customer has the option to choose a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera, or a fixed lens camera.

On-board the LivePT-Cam will be a self-contained DVR with 2TB external hard drive, plus a VMS (Video Management System).

Built for ruggedness, the LivePT-Cam contains an outdoor-rated power supply and environmental system, an uninterruptible power supply & broadband wireless router.

Notes About the Security Technology of the Portable Wireless Video Security System

Customer (Municipal, Tribal Nation & Corporations) will be responsible for purchasing a monthly data service contract with the Carrier of choice (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or satellite provider). AGS, Inc. will provide a recommendation after the Site Survey as to which Carrier and which package to purchase.

At a later date, upon build-out of a private wireless network for the Customer (Municipal, Tribal Nation & Corporations), this video system can be modified to back-haul video over the Customer’s private wireless network in the future.