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Campus Safety

Developing a safe and secure environment in an Institution of Higher Education is the responsibility of the entire community. Colleges and Universities must be vigilant about campus safety. Members of the campus safety community expect the highest level of security services related to personal safety, access control, and physical security. Due to the economic struggles facing many educational institutions, administrators may find it challenging to provide reasonable protection for students, faculty/staff and its facilities.

AGS, Inc. Provides Security Officers to more than 200 Public and Private Sector Clients

American Guard Services, Inc. brings to its higher education clients an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a proven record of reliability. Our proven methodology has been instrumental in helping our clients achieve a safe and secure environment. This methodology encompasses crime prevention programming, risk assessments, the deployment of security technology as well as the use of best practices in physical security. The firm’s management philosophy embraces the creation and maintenance of a safe environment in an inconspicuous manner.

We have a long standing relationship with our diverse clientele. AGS, Inc. staff is specifically trained to address the needs of the higher education market. Efforts are focused on the use of assessments, situational analysis, and detailed planning to prevent security problems in a campus environment.

Campus Security Services:
  • Armed & Unarmed Onsite Security Officers
  • Random Patrol
  • Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
  • Onsite Foot/Bike Patrol
  • Wand Time Tracking Systems
  • Building Safety & Crime Prevention Programs

  • Powerful event management tools for emergency response
  • Crisis planning & response
  • Risk Management Assessments
  • 24-Hour Standby Response Service

Campus Safety & Security

The primary purpose of American Guard Services, Inc. is to support the goals of our clients. We are a value added resource to support the mission of higher education communities. Our newly created Higher Education Security Services Department provides customized programs to meet the diverse social, cultural and academic values specific to the needs of each institution. Our management teams works closely with clients in the development of client-specific safety and security programming.

American Guard Services, Inc. offers a transition plan that considers the needs and desires of the client as it relates to the retention of existing security personnel. Our comprehensive approach to personnel selection and training has been critical to our success in meeting and sustaining the needs of our client portfolio. The company’s rigorous selection process includes thorough background checks, testing, past performance analysis and personality/integrity profiles.

All members of AGS, Inc. are active participants in the achievement of our goals and those of our potential clients within the higher education market. Through the collective efforts of AGS, Inc., the institution and campus community the goal of providing a safe environment will be achieved.