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Cruise Ship Security

American Guard Services, Inc. offers a broad range of on-board and shore-side maritime security services to port maritime and cruise line clients, all based on rigorous training and deep knowledge of this unique environment. Key to these activities is the partnership with our clients and the training of client staff to form an integral part of the assets protection team.

Access Control, Screening and Compliance with Federal and International Regulations

From the Maritime Transportation and Security Act (MTSA) and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code to piracy threats and health and environmental concerns, American Guard Services, inc. officers have the training, knowledge and skills required to meet the cruise ship security needs of the industry.

Maritime security requires a variety of specific services related to access control, screening, compliance with federal and international regulations, and incident response and reporting. American Guard Services, Inc. Maritime Security Service delivers a full range of services to meet the specific needs of the maritime industry.

Our clients value both their privacy and safety. AGS, Inc. ensures that this is done in a professional manner. At AGS, Inc. we ensure that our clients receive a dedicated team who are both discreet and non intrusive. The moment we receive the intent from our client our planning team is activated. All relevant intelligence data is collected and carefully outlined thus forming the basis of our operating plans.

A rigorous training and certification program ensures that American Guard Services, Inc. security personnel meet the highest standards of the industry. We have completed numerous Ship Security Surveys/ Plans and Port Facility Security Surveys far beyond the normal required standard for regulations. Critical data collection and a close and cordial working relationship with the ships company personnel are important ingredients to successful surveys. Our consultants are have been in the industry for decades and have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in both maritime and security operations.

Key Services Provided:
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Cruise Liners and Super Yachts
  • Maritime Security Plan, Surveys and Audits
  • Maritime Suppression Seminars / Training

  • High Risk Environment Protection
  • Armed Forces Protection Personnel
  • Training Assistance Packages

Training, Certification and Processes are based on Regulations Specific to the Cruise Ship Security Industry

American Guard Services, Inc. provides screening of personnel as well as training specific to the control center environment. Officers undergo command center training that focuses on advance planning, preparation for all contingencies, and effective communication to ensure a high level of awareness throughout the entire facility or vessel. All training, certification and processes are based on regulations and standards specific to the maritime industry.

Maritime clients benefit from unparalleled management support. American Guard Services, Inc. has local, on-the ground executive leadership near every client port, as well as 24×7 client support centers on both east and west coasts.