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Security Guard Training
Top of the Line Training

Our Training Department continuously updates our security personnel with the latest government and industry regulations. Our training includes extensive X-ray imaging of improvised explosive devices, firearms, artfully designed weapons and all other prohibited items. This security guard training allows American Guard Services to keep our staff abreast of the changes that are in compliance with the Maritime Industry and the Security Guard Industry.

Specialized Training Procedures

We are very committed to hiring only the very best; we provide professional looking Uniforms and top quality state of the art Equipment to our personnel. American Guard Services, Inc. provides a full range of Performance Specific Security Guard Training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner. A well trained, professional employee is a credit to the company and our clients.

State of the Art Technology and Industry Proven Leaders Put AGS, Inc. Trainees in A Class of Their Own

American Guard Services, Inc. maintains an extremely detailed hiring procedure for all security officers. Our process includes drug testing, in-house background checks, verification of previous employment, education, home address, and other credentials. Also required are knowledge and language tests, and a safety and general orders orientation.